Download & install prerequisites

Download your RadSec Certificates

Certificate bundles expire after 5 years.

Orion uses RadSec (RADIUS over TLS) to identify you as a supplier, and to secure our communications with your network.

Download your unique Orion RadSec Certificate Bundle from the Settings tab in Orion Web

A file named should download. 

You can follow these steps at any time to download a fresh certificate bundle. Downloading a new bundle will not deactivate previously-downloaded certificate bundles.

Deploy & Configure Radsec Proxy (if needed) 

Check your wireless LAN equipment documentation for RadSec (RADIUS over TLS) support.

If your wireless LAN controller does not support RadSec, you’ll need to deploy Orion Radsecproxy inside your environment before configuring your wireless LAN.

Follow the instructions in the Orion Radsecproxy README to deploy the Radsecproxy if needed.

Request the Orion Network Verification app

After deploying Orion to your Wi-Fi infrastructure, you will need to use the Orion Network Verification app to confirm it's working as intended.

The Orion Network Verification app is currently in limited beta.  Request access to the app before deploying Orion Wifi.


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