Enroll in Google Maps Platform credit

Google for Nonprofits members are eligible for Google Maps Platform credit. See below for how to get started.

What you'll need:

A Google for Nonprofits account

  • Nonprofit organizations must be Google for Nonprofits members to qualify. If you don't have a Google for Nonprofits account yet, sign up for one before proceeding.

A Google Cloud billing account

  • In order to use Google Maps Platform and enroll to receive credits, you will need a Google Cloud billing account. Click on "Get Started" here for next steps. 

Legal Organization Information:

  • TechSoup Validation Token

  • Organization Address

  • Organization Phone Number

  • Domain

Usage Requirements

  • Be able to identify if you will be publishing the Google Maps APIs on a public website, a restricted-access website or both. 

Justification for needs beyond the $200 / month in free monthly usage that is already in your account after registering your Maps project

  • Please be ready to describe why you need more credit.


When you’re ready to proceed, please follow the steps listed below:

1. Sign in to your Google for Nonprofits account.

Make sure to sign in using your Google for Nonprofits administrator account. This is the account that you used when you applied for Google for Nonprofits. It may be different than the account you use to access the product in which you're enrolling.

2. Click the 'Sign up now' button. 

3. Click the 'Enroll' button beneath Google Maps Platform credit.

4. Fill out the application with the above information. All applications are processed in English.

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