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If you have an issue with a product that you've already activated, select a product below to find options to contact support or find a Help Centre article to help you troubleshoot. If you are having a problem activating your Google Workspace for Nonprofits account, go here.

   Google Workspace for Nonprofits

Eligible nonprofits can activate Google Workspace for Nonprofits or the discounted Google Workspace Business or Enterprise editions via their Google for Nonprofits account. Compare the features of each offer.

Google Workspace provides 24/7 customer support to administrators if you have any questions once you’ve activated Google Workspace for Nonprofits or have chosen the discounted editions of Business or Enterprise. 

If you’re having issues activating Google Workspace for Nonprofits, take a look at our troubleshooter.

If you’re having trouble accessing your Google Workspace account or need to create a new account, but can't because an account using your domain name already exists, fill in this form.

If you need help setting up or using Google Workspace, try these resources

   Ad Grants

If you need help setting up or using Ad Grants, try these resources:

   YouTube Non-profit Programme

If you're running into issues activating the YouTube Non-profit Programme, check out these troubleshooting steps. 

If you need help setting up or using YouTube, you can try these resources:

  Google Maps Platform

If you're running into issues activating your Google Maps Platform credits, check out these troubleshooting steps.

If you need help setting up or using Google Maps Platform, try these resources:

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