Make the most out of Google News

When you publish a great story, you want to be sure that it reaches as many interested readers as possible.

Here are some pointers on how Google News can help you get there:

  1. Submit your site for inclusion in Google News. Please review our inclusion guidelines, and if you believe that your site abides by them and want to be part of Google News, please submit your site for inclusion. If you believe that your site is already included, you can check if we're crawling articles from your site by using our site operator. Specifically, from the Google News homepage, enter [] and click search.
  2. Update our record of your news site in the Google News Publisher Centre. Keeping your site's information up to date helps improve discovery and classification of your great news content! Learn more about how to make the most out of the Publisher Centre here.
  3. Create a Google News sitemap. Once your site has been processed, we strongly encourage that you submit a Google News sitemap in Webmaster Tools. This tool will help enhance the discovery of your new articles, give you increased control over your content in Google News and let you view news-specific crawl errors.
  4. Review tips for troubleshooting your site. If you find that there are issues with our crawling of your site, or your site’s traffic seems lower than you expect, it’s possible that we are overlooking a few of your articles, perhaps due to a technical issue. We encourage you to walk through our troubleshooting steps to determine what may be causing our system to miss your content.
  5. Take advantage of additional features to highlight high-quality journalism. These include:
    • Editors’ Picks: This feature enables you to provide up to five links to original news content that you believe represents your organisation’s best journalistic work at any given moment, and potentially have it displayed on the Google News homepage or select section pages. Note: The Editors' Picks feature is currently offered in over 20 Google News editions, and we plan to continue to add it to additional editions over time. If it’s not yet offered in your edition, try again later!
    • Standout tag: If your news organisation breaks a big story or publishes an extraordinary work of journalism, you can indicate this by using the standout tag.
  6. Share more with Google News.
    • Google+: Share your news site’s Google+ articles, photos and videos with Google News to supplement your reporting. If you would like Google News to crawl your site's Google+ posts, the first step is to create a Google+ account and start sharing public posts.
    • YouTube: Google News can crawl YouTube videos embedded within articles on your site. However, we also encourage you to submit your videos by creating a YouTube channel and sharing it with our team.

If you have any further questions, we strongly recommend that you take a look at our Google News Help Forum, where publishers (several of which are also Google News product experts!) share helpful tips and expertise! If you’re still having trouble after consulting the forum, don’t hesitate to report an issue to our team.