Crawl frequency and site updates

Our system regularly crawls your site to provide the most up-to-date content in Google News. Our crawl process is algorithmic: Computer programs determine how often we should crawl each site. If you post new articles on your site throughout the day, you should be able to see them appear on Google News fairly quickly. For tips on how to help Google News index and rank your site, we recommend reviewing our webmaster guidelines.

From the moment that we discover a new article, we'll keep re-crawling it looking for changes. Since we noticed that most changes to articles occur just after they're published, we revisit articles most frequently in the first day after we've found them. After that, we visit them less often.

Although we keep revisiting your site to find new updates to articles, errors may sometimes appear in Google News stories, even if you correct the mistake. Our system is generally better at detecting and displaying bigger updates, for example substantial changes to a headline or an article's lead paragraph.

Making sure that your site follows our technical guidelines which enables our system to crawl as much of your content as possible. We also recommend updating our record of your site information within the Google News Publisher Centre whenever you change your site structure. You can help Google News discover your newest articles by linking to them in a prominent place on your site and by submitting a Google News Sitemap.

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