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Use Google's dropship solution for cross-border selling

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Google's dropship solution can help you provide more competitive delivery speeds and costs for shipping Shopping Actions orders to the US from China. This allows shipments to be fulfilled quicker and more efficiently.

This article explains the requirements you’ll need to participate in the dropship solution and how to set it up in your Merchant Center account.

How it works

Google's dropship solution gives you a streamlined logistics solution for shipping across borders. To achieve these faster shipping speeds, you’ll need to first configure your shipping settings to differentiate your dropship orders from others in your account.

To participate, email From there, you’ll be connected to Google’s logistics providers, who will offer support on all technical and contractual aspects.


Step 1: Make sure your shipping settings are configured.

Step 2: Update tracking information for Google's dropship orders.

Once you’ve configured your shipping settings and dropship solutions orders are being processed and fulfilled, you’ll need to update the tracking information for the relevant orders. To do this:

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. From the navigation menu, click Orders.
  3. Click Pending Shipment.
  4. Click the order you’d like to ship, and, under “Actions,” click Mark as shipped.
  5. Enter the carrier and tracking ID (required formats shown below).
  6. Click Mark as shipped.
Available carriers Tracking ID formats
  • (GDS) JD Logistics. Be sure to include a space between “(GDS)” and “JD” and between ‘JD’ and ‘Logistics’
  • (GDS) Best Inc. Be sure to include a space between “(GDS)” and “Best” and between “Best” and “Inc”
  • (GDS) JD Logistics. ZJ01000000000000 (16-digits; starts with “ZJ01”)
  • (GDS) Best Inc. 5600000000000000 (16-digits; starts with “560000”)

Need help? Click here to contact Shopping Actions support.

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