About Shoppable Images

Shoppable Images are one type of rich media that can make up a collection. A Shoppable Image is a high quality image which shows one or a group of annotated products.

Note: Shoppable Images are available in the US and Canada.


  • Select and curate the products that you want to highlight, adding and removing image collections as you wish
  • Highlight a collection of your products and drive more shoppers to your product pages
  • Define a Shoppable Image once in Merchant Center and use it in multiple ad formats, at scale

How it works

With Shoppable Images, people can view a collection of products contained in a single image, along with callouts beside each product that show the price. They can click on an individual product to visit that specific product's page on your website, or click on the headline text below the image to visit the category landing page on your website.


To create a Shoppable Image, first you’ll need to create a collections feed that complies with the specifications for Shoppable Images. Collections feeds must be created in addition to your existing Merchant Center product feeds.

Collections for Shoppable Images must include the following:

  1. A high-quality image: Upload a web-accessible link to your image. Your image should ideally have a 1:1 aspect ratio (square) and must adhere to Google’s global Shopping ads policies.
  2. Featured products: Using the product’s item ID, add at least one featured product (but no more than 100), which connects to the product from the main product feed in Merchant Center.
  3. X/Y Coordinates: Tag each of your featured products by indicating where on the x and y axes of the image the product appears.
  4. Headline (Optional): Add a brief summary of your image.

If you already submit products for Shopping ads, you can start integration by visiting your Merchant Center account and setting up a new collection feed.


There are a number of attributes you can use to provide information about your collection and its featured products. Some of these attributes are required in order for your collection to be a Shoppable Image, while others provide optional additional information.

Required attributes:

Highly recommended attributes:

Optional attributes:

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