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Choose where your customers check out

While you create your Merchant Center account, you'll be asked to select where you'd like your customers to check out — on your website, at your local shop or on Google. You can select more than one option, and edit your choices at any time.

Check out on your website

Enable product offers to show in free product listings. This way, people will see your products listed across different Google properties — including Search and Image Search — with data pulled from your product feed. When you update the feed, your updates are made automatically across the whole network.

Learn more about free product listings


Free listings are available globally.


  • Share rich, engaging listings. Your detailed product information can appear on Google Search and other Google services.
  • Connect with customers where they are. Reach customers when they're searching for your products.
  • Increase your visibility. Drive traffic to your website for order fulfilment.

Read the policies that you need to follow to use free listings.

Check out in your local shop

Show your products in free local listings across different Google properties, including Google Search, Google Images, Google Maps and Google's Shopping tab.

Listings are targeted at local users who are searching for products that you sell in your shops. Changes that you make in your product feed are automatically reflected in these listings, so your local customers will only see items that are in stock in the shops closest to them.


Retailers who have brick-and-mortar shops in the US can have their products appear in free local listings.


  • Deliver rich information widely. Your free local listings might be eligible to appear on Google Search and other Google surfaces, adding wide reach to your local advertising strategy.
  • Promote your in-store inventory to local audiences. Let local shoppers know that your shop has the item that they're searching for on Google.
  • Connect with customers where they are. Reach customers when they're actively searching for a product that you have in stock. Customers see your product listing on Google and visit your local shop to buy. Learn more about local inventory ads

Read the policies that you need to follow to list your local products for free.

Checkout on Google

If you've selected the US or France as the country for your business, you may be eligible to participate in Shopping Actions, which allows you to sell your products directly on Google. Learn more about Shopping Actions.


  • Promote customer loyalty: Let users know that they can get items quickly and directly from your shop or warehouse without delivery delays.
  • Appear across Google platforms: Improve the shopping experience with a frictionless experience across multiple Google surfaces. 
    • In the US, you can sell your products directly on Google.
    • In France, you can sell your products on shopping.google.fr and on Google Assistant.

Read the participation criteria to learn if checkout on Google is a good fit for your business, and review the policies that you need to follow for this option. 

You'll have the option to activate Google Ads and start a Shopping campaign after your account is active. Learn more about getting started with Shopping ads
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