purchase_quantity_limit: Definition

You may want to place a limit on the purchase quantity allowed for certain items, for example, items on promotion. Use the purchase_quantity_limit attribute to let customers know the limit on the number of items they can buy in a single order. If you don't specify a number using this attribute, Google may limit the maximum purchase quantity for your product.

When to use

Optional for each product

  • Optional for each product

This attribute has 3 sub-attributes:

  • Section name [section_name] (Optional but recommended)
  • Attribute name [attribute_name] (Required)
  • Attribute value [attribute_value] (Required)


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Type Number
Supported values Any positive integer, 1 or greater
Repeated field No
File format Example value
Text feeds 4
XML feeds <g:purchase_quantity_limit>4</g:purchase_quantity_limit>

If you choose to use the Content API to add this attribute, you’ll need to use the custom attributes feature.
File format Example value
Content API
"customAttributes": [
    "name": "purchase_quantity_limit",
    "value": "10"
To format your data for Content API, see the Content API for Shopping.


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Minimum requirements

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  • Only provide this attribute when there is a realistic limit on how many items your consumers can purchase in one order.
  • You must add a quantity of 1 or more.


Product is available for sale on Google

Product Android Squishable
availability in stock
purchase_quantity_limit 10

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