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All new Shopping Actions stores go through an operational performance test to confirm you’re providing an excellent customer experience that meets our policies and standards for Shopping Actions. This is known as customer experience testing, or CXT.

This article explains how CXT works and what you can expect from the process.

How it works

After your store is live on Shopping Actions, Google will initially limit the number of orders you can receive to 20 orders per day.

During this initial phase, Google will monitor your operational performance to make sure it follows all applicable policies and that it creates an excellent customer experience. Google will monitor the following:

  • Percentage of fulfilled items. Your fill rate (per item) must be greater than or equal to 99%.
  • Percentage of orders that arrive on time. You must be fulfilling orders on time (per parcel) at a rate greater than or equal to 95%.
  • “Perfect order percentage” or “POP.” This is a measure of whether returns and refund processing are functioning correctly. Your POP must be greater than or equal to 90%.
  • Key functionality
    • Google will confirm that refunds are processed when due, and that customers receive the correct funds back to their credit card or other payment method.
    • Google will confirm that customers receive timely notifications of order cancelation when appropriate. For example, if a customer places an order that is subsequently canceled, they should receive a notification. Learn more about processing cancellations

Google agents may place orders with your store to make sure there is enough data for robust analysis.

If your store fails the check, and poor operational performance significantly affects the user experience, your store may be suspended. If there are not issues identified following these checks, the restriction on order volumes will be removed. You’ll be notified when CXT has been completed.

How CXT metrics are calculated

All metrics take into account orders that were scheduled to be delivered in the reporting period at time of order.

Fill rate

Fill rate measures the share of total items ordered you’re able to fulfill to customers.
The metric is calculated as:
filled items / (filled items + not filled items)
  • Filled items: items ordered by customers that the merchant fulfills
  • Not filled items: items ordered by customers that you had to cancel (for example, out of stock). This excludes all items cancelled by the customer.

On-time delivery

A parcel is considered to be delivered on-time if its first delivery attempt (regardless of whether the attempt was successful) is made before or on the promised delivery date at the time the order was placed by the customer (based on Merchant Center handling and transit settings)

The metric is calculated as:

number of on-time parcels / total number of parcels to be delivered

Perfect order percentage

Perfect order percentage (POP) is the percentage of your perfect orders out of the total number of your orders. A perfect order is defined as one that is:
  • Completely fulfilled (all items tied to one merchant order)
  • On-time (all parcels tied to one merchant order)
  • Free of appeasements (free of refund, replacement, or courtesy credit)

The metric is calculated as:

perfect merchant orders / all merchant orders

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