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Merchant Promotions is a feature that allows you to distribute online promotions with Shopping Actions on Google. When you add promotions to your Shopping Actions inventory, shoppers see a promotional banner on the product details page for applicable products. This link can increase the appeal of your products on Shopping Actions and encourage shoppers to buy.

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  • Increase conversions: Give shoppers a reason to buy now.
  • Capture multi-screen traffic: Google shows “special offer” links on desktop and mobile devices.


Merchant Promotions on Shopping Actions is currently available in the US. If you’re interested in participating, complete the Merchant Promotions interest form. Learn more about policy and promotion types

Note: To complete the interest form, you must have a Google Merchant Center account. Learn more about how to configure your accounts.

How it works

Once your product feed is set up, you can create a promotion with the promotion builder tool or upload a promotion feed. Google will review each type of promotion you’ve created and update the status in the Merchant Center.

Promotion approval process

After your promotions feed and products feed are processed, Google reviews and approves your promotions before distributing them. We recommend that you submit your promotions as early as possible for a timely review. As always, you are responsible for ensuring that your promotions comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

The approval process requires 2 steps:

  1. Policy review: The policy review confirms the promotion follows all editorial requirements and program policies and will occur shortly after a promotion is submitted during weekday business hours.
  2. Validation review: When a promotion becomes active on your site, Google testers will verify that the promotion works and that it follows all program policies.

If your promotion doesn’t comply with the policies for one of your selected destinations, your promotion will be disapproved for that destination only. It may still appear on other destinations.

Create a promotion

You can create a promotion two different ways - through a promotion feed or using the promotion builder in the Promotions section of your Merchant Center account. Below, you’ll find a detailed review of each method.

Note: Make sure you’ve completed the Merchant Promotions interest form. The Merchant Promotions team will let you know when you’re ready to start implementation.

Submit a Promotions feed

The Promotions feed is a spreadsheet that contains all of the promotions you use online. Use a Promotions feed if you have a high volume of promotions to submit.

To submit a Promotions feed:

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Create a spreadsheet (e.g. tab-delimited file, .xml file, or Google Sheets)
  3. Use the required feed attributes to tell us about each of your promotions. Visit the Promotions on Shopping Actions feed specification article for more information.
  4. To upload your Promotions feed, click Marketing on the navigation menu, then click Promotions.
  5. Click the Promotion feeds link in the top-right corner of the page.

Promotion builder

The promotion builder is located in the Promotions section of your Merchant Center account. It allows you to manually enter individual promotions. Use the promotion builder if you have a small number of promotions to submit.

To add promotions manually, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Marketing in the navigation menu, then click Promotions.
  2. Click the plus icon plus.
  3. Enter the promotion details and click Save.

The promotion will appear in your dashboard. Follow the steps above for each promotion that you want to submit.

Note: To edit a promotion_id, re-submit the promotion_id with the updated information.

You may quickly set up a promotion and omit tagging products with the promotion_id in your product feed by applying filters:

  • All products
  • Custom filters (Brand, Item ID, Item Group ID, Product type. Input limit is 1000 values)

This option is available for both the promotion builder and the Promotions feed

Example: Say you are selling shoes, and you want to run a promotion on all shoes except for a select few. You can use the Item ID filter to exclude SKUs you aren't promoting.

We recommend that promotions are submitted at least 24 hours prior to their effective start date. Occasionally, promotions submitted less than 24 hours before the effective start date may experience approval and display delays.


The Destination attribute allows you to target your promotions to Shopping Ads, Shopping Actions, or both. Based on how you submit your promotion, there are a few ways to add the destination.

Promotion builder

After you begin building a promotion with the promotion builder, you will see a Destinations section. By default, both the Shopping Actions and Shopping ads destination are selected. To change your promotion destination, deselect the destination you do not want to use. Based on the destination type you select, the available promotion category options will change.

Promotion Feed

If you submit your promotions through the Promotions Feed, you can add the promotion_destination attribute to your feed. Follow these formatting guidelines to make sure we understand the data you're submitting.

Attribute promotion_destination

Add a supported value to your feed. To submit your promotion to both destinations, separate each value as a separately submitted column:

promotion_destination promotion_destination
shopping_ads shopping_actions
Repeated field No

Learn more about Merchant Promotions product data attributes on Shopping Actions

End a promotion

You can end a promotion at any time, but you should only do this if you would like to terminate a live promotion. Once you have ended a promotion, it can't be restarted.

To end a promotion, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Click Promotions.
  3. Check the box next to the promotion you want to end.
  4. Click End promotions at the top of the dashboard.

You may also end specific promotions from the promotion description page. To end a promotion from the description page, scroll to the bottom of the page and select End promotion.

Note: It may take a few hours after you end a promotion before it's removed from Google.com and Shopping Actions.

Need help? Click here to contact Shopping Actions support.

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