Set up custom attributes to use in feed rules

Use custom attributes to make changes and store your data before assigning the values to a product data specification attribute.

This article explains how to set up custom attributes to use in your feed rules.

Before you begin

How it works

Custom attributes allow you to store a value that you may use later to populate a different attribute value. This allows you to create a secondary version of the value without changing the existing attribute.


  • You'd like to prepend the color "red" to a title attribute, but you'd also like to keep "burgundy" in the color attribute.
  • You'd like to separate one section of the product_type attribute to use in your description, but you need to retain the entire product_type in the attribute.


Step 1: Create your custom attribute
  1. Sign into your Merchant Center account.  
  2. Click Products in the navigation menu, then click Feeds
  3. Select the feed on which you’d like to implement feed rules.
  4. Click the Rules tab at the top of the page.
  5. If you have more than one country of sale and target language connected to this feed, be sure to select the country that you would like to apply the rule to.
  6. Click Create Rule.
  7. At the bottom of the menu, click Create custom attribute.
  8. Enter a name for your attribute, and click OK.
  9. Use feed rules to populate and modify your custom attribute.
Step 2: Use your custom attribute

Once you've created and saved your custom attribute, you can now use it to populate or modify other attributes. To do this, set up a new feed rule on the product data specification attribute of your choice. You can reference custom attributes in any rule condition or within any feed rule operation.

Note: You'll find the new custom attribute in the Processed attributes section. All custom attributes are marked with a "*".

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