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This article only applies to merchants who are enrolled in the Shopping Actions program, which is currently only available in the United States and France. For general information on returns see the Merchant Center guidelines.

When you submit products to Merchant Center, you must also provide at least one address to which items need to be returned. This ensures that customers are returning items to the correct location. The address that you specify should be a location to which most common carriers can deliver (P.O. box addresses, for example, are not supported). Learn more about returns for Shopping Actions

Google can’t generate return shipping labels to invalid addresses. To protect the customer experience, if an invalid address is specified, we may send those items to the Google Return Center. You'll be responsible for the cost to refund those items. We’ll also notify you to update your return address for future returns. 

This article explains how to set up a return address for Shopping Actions. 

How it works

In order to set up returns, you must submit return addresses and set up configurations in Merchant Center. A return address can be associated with all products or with specific groups of products, the latter of which can be specified using the return_address_label attribute. Return address configurations are verified through a third-party validator, and are associated with all products.

The return address (specified by the return_address_label attribute) that's applied to a product at the time a specific order is placed will be the return address that will be used to create the shipping label. If you need to change your return address, contact us

Add a return address

The first return address that you create will be your default return address. This policy will apply to all items with a return address attribute that is empty or for which a return address cannot be found in the return settings. After setting up your default address, you can add additional return addresses for specific groups of products.

Note: By default, Google does not support delivery to PO boxes, APO/FPO boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. Learn more about Shopping Actions shipping policies.


  1. Sign in to Merchant Center.
  2. Click Return settings from the navigation panel on the left, and then click Return addresses in the page menu.
  3. Under “Default return addresses,” click Add default return addresses.
  4. Fill in the applicable details for your location, including the following: name, address, city, state/province, postal/zip code, country, and a phone number.
  5. Click Save.

Add address settings

  1. Apply a label (not applicable to the default policy). Enter a label, such as “accessories,” that will match the return_address_label attribute in the feed.

  2. Add address information. Note: All fields are required, with the exception of Address line 2.

Add the return_address_label attribute to your products

If you create multiple return addresses, you'll need to add the return_address_label column to your feed. If the default address applies, keep this column blank. If a non-default return address applies, add the label name for that address.

Note: If you only have one return address (the default address), you don't need to make any updates to your feed. The same applies for the return policy: you don't need to make any updates to your feed if you only have one return policy (the default policy).

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