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About sale price annotations

A custom icon for Merchant Center Classic and Merchant Center Next.

Promote your products and attract attention to your ads and free listings by showcasing sales. When your product shows with sale price annotations, your sales stand out and potential customers can view how much they’ll save.

How it works

Submit the original price for your item using the required price [price] attribute. When you lower the price of an item for a sale, you can submit the sale price using the optional sale price [sale_price] attribute. You can continue submitting the original price using the price [price] attribute, even during the time of the sale.

How it shows

If the sale price and original base price meet certain conditions, both prices and sale price annotations will appear. The sale price will show as the current price alongside the original price, which will show with a strikethrough. Your product will also show a badge that highlights your sale. The specific colors used for annotations differ depending on where your product appears.

Ad example with a sales price example

The image above may contain English or USD. When the sales price is applied to your product, it will display in the local currency and language.


For your product to show with sale price annotations, you need to meet certain requirements:

  • The base price must be valid.
  • The sale price must be lower than the base price.
  • The discount of the sale must be greater than 5% and less than 90%.
  • For local inventory ads, the base price must be provided in the primary feed and must match the store price in the inventory feed.

The sale price annotations aren't always guaranteed to show despite meeting the requirements, as we want to ensure that the best performing annotations surface on your offers.

Note: Sale price annotations are available for mobile and desktop. Google regularly validates the sale price on your website to ensure that useful and high quality sale price annotations are surfaced on Google. Both sale price annotations and promotions allow merchants to highlight product sales in different ways. While sale price [sale_price] is an attribute that can be submitted through the product feed, promotions are a supplemental feature that allow merchants to highlight special offers on their products. Learn more about Promotion types allowed.

How to find products with sale price annotations

You can check which products are eligible for a sale price annotation by visiting the “All products” page in the Merchant Center.

  1. In your Merchant Center account, go to the navigation panel and click Products.
  2. Select All products.
  3. Use the filter icon A picture of the Filter list icon for Merchant Center in the table and then choose Sale badge > Yes.
  4. Select Yes.

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