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Shopping Actions is changing in the US! As a result, Merchant Center Help Center articles have been updated to support all versions of the experience. Learn more about the changes here


here is a view of the new Shopping Actions experience


There are two main benefits of selling on Google in France: 

  • Promote customer loyalty: Let users know they can get items quickly and directly from your store or warehouse without shipping delays
  • Appear across Google platforms: Improve the shopping experience with a frictionless experience across multiple Google surfaces. In France, you can sell your products on shopping.google.fr and on Google Assistant.

How it works

Selling on Google in France allows online customers to see and buy goods from you on Google surfaces. Customers can browse products available for sale, including the most up-to-date pricing and availability information. Once customers make their selections and pay for their order, their order is shipped to them.

Note: Shopping Actions France follows a commission-based model from retailer's sale of products sold on Shopping Actions. Commissions can be viewed in your settlement report. Learn more about Shopping Actions commission rates

Learn more about Shopping Actions participation criteria


Need help? Click here to contact Shopping Actions support.

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