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This article provides details on setting up your payments and billing through Shopping Actions.

Note: Payment analysts user roles or payment manager can access the payment settings. Learn more about user roles

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Google transfers customer payments into a Google Payments account. Funds are distributed in regularly scheduled Automated Clearing House (ACH) disbursements to your bank account.

How to set up payments

Once your account has the Payment Manager role, follow the steps below to provide information Google uses for payment setup, tax verification, and ACH disbursements to your bank account.

  1. Log in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Click Payments on the navigation panel.
  3. Under Configuration, enter your business information following the on-screen instructions.
    Keep in mind that you’ll need to provide your tax information. 
  4. Click the Payment accounts tab, and then click Add payment method. Enter the details for your bank account.

Note: Bank account verification can take up to 3 days. Google won't be able to pay you for orders until all steps are complete.

Keep in mind
As part of your payments set up, you must provide the legally-registered business name and the associated taxpayer identification number (TIN) as they appear on your income tax return filing. The name and TIN (typically a social security number or employer identification number) you enter must also match the IRS records or the number will be flagged as invalid, after verification. You won’t be able to publish your store until your TIN has been verified. 
Form W-9 data is provided during onboarding in the Payments section of your Merchant Center account. If you don’t provide the appropriate tax data or select that you’re subject to backup withholding, Google may withhold 24% of disbursements and deposit it with the IRS on your behalf.


Process refunds per your normal process. Google transfers the money you return back to the customer’s credit card.


Merchant Center Payments Analyst users can download statements and reports for orders. On the Merchant Center dashboard, navigate to Payments > Statements to download reports for orders. Learn more about understanding your payment statements report

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