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To submit your products to Shopping Actions, you’ll need to submit data in compliance with both the Shopping ads product data specification and the Shopping Actions product data specification. The attributes documented here maybe required in addition to those in the Shopping ads product data specification.

If you’re planning to create feeds using the Content API, you’ll find more information on the developer’s website. Learn more about the Content API for Shopping

How to use

Once you join the Shopping Actions program, all of your products in your existing product feed will be opted in by default. Any existing feeds in Merchant Center will automatically be opted in. If your account doesn't have any, you'll need to create a feed.

You can reference our example file (.xlsx), which lists required and recommended attributes for Shopping Actions, as you're creating your feed.

Note: We're not able to process files in the .xls format. The .xls example file is for illustration purposes in a spreadsheet program.

You need to exclude any individual products from your product feeds that you don't want included in Shopping Actions or are ineligible for Shopping Actions. For information about prohibited items, review the Terms of Service in your Merchant Center account, the Shopping ads policies, Shopping Actions content policies, and Google payments center content policies.

To exclude specific offers in your feed, use the excluded_destination attribute and set the value to "Shopping Actions:"

ID Title Price ... excluded_destination
B8888 table $399.99 USD   Shopping Actions

If you have an existing Shopping feed, you can use a supplemental feed to opt your products into Shopping Actions.

ID min_handling_time max_handling_time sell_on_google_quantity included_destination
B8888 1 3 20

Once you set up your feed and opt in products for Shopping Actions, the Diagnostics section in Merchant Center provides Shopping Actions issue reporting. The diagnostics page includes an overview of eligible products and issues to address. Learn more about Merchant Center diagnostics

Setting up item groups in your feed

Price & availability

Attribute Country Format Minimum requirements at a glance
product_fee US, France Optional

Additional fees related to the product.


FR éco-participation DEEE:8.99 EUR


product_fee uses 2sub-attributes:

type (required) The type of fee, for example: “FR éco-participation DEEE”, “FR éco-participation DEA”, or “US CA tire fee,” amount (required) ISO 4217, the total fee amount.
Use this attribute to provide additional fees that must be paid when purchasing your product, for example government-imposed recycling fees or copyright fees.

Make sure you still include the price attribute with the total price for the product.
purchase_quantity_limit US, France Optional

The limit on the number of items your customers can buy in a single order




Any positive integer, 1 or greater
Only provide this attribute when there is a realistic limit on how many items your consumers can purchase in one order.

Must be 1 or more.
sell_on_google_quantity US, France Optional

The total number of items available to sell on Google




Any positive integer, 1 or greater
This attribute helps you specify the quantity available in stock for a given product, allowing you to control the risk of out of stock.

Google will take this value into account and decrement it with each order.

Update this attribute as frequently as possible by making calls to the Inventory set API or through a supplemental feed.

Detailed product description

Attribute Country Format Minimum requirements at a glance
consumer_datasheet France

Required for products with regulatory consumer information such as energy consumption data

Regulatory product data


Annual energy consumption:176 kWh/annum

Drying efficiency index:B

Water consumption:9900 l/annum


uses 2 sub-attributes:

  • attribute_name:
    Max 140 characters
  • attribute_value:
    Max 1000 characters
Use this attribute to provide regulatory product data such as, for example, energy labels.

Don’t use this attribute for anything other than the required regulatory information.
Provide the exact data, in the right order, as required by the applicable regulations.

Provide a name, identifying a regulatory data point, and a value. Both of these inputs are required and must be in plain text only.

For example “Annual energy consumption: 176 kWh/annum".
consumer_notice US

Required for products with consumer warning labels

Provide legally required warnings or disclosures


prop 65


Max 1000 characters

consumer_notice uses 2 sub-attributes:

  • notice_type (required)
    The type of notice, one of “prop 65”
  • safety warning
  • legal disclaimer
Add this attribute to display consumer warning or disclosure messages with your product, for example, indicating the presence of dangerous chemicals.

The attribute can only contain text characters and the html tags <b>, <i>, and <br>.
energy_label_image_link France Required for products with an energy efficiency label.

When users click on the energy efficiency class, this image will be displayed.

Example /image1.jpg


Max 2000 characters

Use a supported file format: GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg), PNG (.png), BMP (.bmp), and TIFF (.tif/.tiff). The minimum image size is 360 x 360px.

Use together with energy_efficiency_class, max_energy_efficiency_class, and min_energy_efficiency_class.

Often used together with the consumer_datasheet attribute, which provides detailed energy consumption data.

product_detail US, France


Technical specifications or additional details of your product


General:Product Type:Digital player


product_detail uses 3 sub-attributes:

  • section_name: Max 140 characters
  • attribute_name:
    Max 140 characters
  • attribute_value: Max 1000 characters
Each product_detail requires 3 sub-attributes: section_name, attribute_name, and attribute_value.

Don't add information covered in other attributes or promotion text, or list keywords or search terms.

Don’t add information such as price, sale price, sale dates, shipping, delivery date, other time-related information, or your company’s name.

Only provide an attribute name and value when the value is confirmed. For example, for a food product only provide “Vegetarian=False” if it is confirmed the product is indeed not vegetarian, and not just because False is the default value for Boolean attributes.
product_highlight US, France Optional

The most relevant highlights of your products


Supports thousands of apps, including Netflix, YouTube, and HBO Now


Max 150 characters
Use between 2 and 10 product highlights.

Describe only the product itself.

Don’t use words from foreign languages, unless they’re well understood, such as a product with a foreign name or title.

Don’t include references to categorization systems.

Don’t include links to your store or other websites.

Don’t use capital letters for emphasis.

Don’t include promotional text.

Don't list keywords or search terms.


Attribute Country Format Minimum requirements at a glance
return_address_label US, France Optional

Specify the identifier of a specific return address for certain products




Max 100 characters
If you only have one return address (the default address), you do not need to make any updates to your feed.

If you create multiple return addresses, you will need to add the return_address_label column to your feed.

If the default address applies, keep this column blank.

If a non-default return address applies, add the label name for that address.
return_policy_label US, France Optional

Apply a non-standard return policy for specific products.




Max 100 characters
Use this attribute if your product has a non-standard return policy.

If no value is provided your default configured return policy will be applied.

Shopping campaigns and other configurations

Attribute Country Format Minimum requirements at a glance

US, France


Eligibility for participating in Google’s promotions.



Supported values

  • all: The product is eligible for all Google funded promotions
  • none: The product will be excluded from all Google funded promotions
Use this attribute to control eligibility of your products to participate in Google-funded promotions.
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