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If you require that customers purchase at least a minimum amount (for example, 30 USD) before you'll provide delivery (either at an additional cost or for free), then you can enter that amount when setting up your delivery settings. If some of your products are below this minimum order value, a customer cannot buy the products on their own. In these situations, it's especially important that you set your minimum order value.

If you offer free delivery beginning at a certain order amount and charge a delivery fee for any lower amount, do not add a minimum order value in your delivery settings. Only set the minimum order value if you do not deliver orders below that amount at all.

Note: For Shopping Actions, any item listed below the minimum order price will be disapproved in Merchant Center. Contact Google before configuring a minimum order value. Learn more about setting up delivery and taxes for Shopping Actions

This article explains how to add a minimum order value to your delivery settings. 

How it works

Depending on your delivery service, you may require customers to spend a minimum amount on your site before you're able to deliver their products. If the minimum order value is higher than what you charge for any of the products that you submit to Google Merchant Center, then you'll also need to submit that minimum order value through your delivery settings. 

Users will see this value on your ad so that they know about delivery restrictions before going to your website. Being up front with this information prevents you from paying for clicks from people who aren't intending to buy additional products.
Even for countries where you're not required to provide the delivery cost, you'll need to provide any minimum order value that you require.

When users see it

Users won't necessarily see the minimum order value on every one of your ads. To understand when users will see your minimum order value, keep in mind the following:

  • The cheapest delivery cost from the available delivery services for a product will determine whether or not a minimum order value is shown.
  • Users will only see the minimum order value when the product's price is lower than the minimum order value.
  • Users won't see the minimum order value when the product's price is equal to or greater than the minimum order value.


For each delivery service that requires a minimum order value, add this value (for example, 30 USD) in the Advanced settings field during setup. 

If only certain products are affected, you can apply a minimum order value to only those products with a delivery label:

  1. First for each product that’s affected, use the shipping_label [delivery_label] attribute.
  2. Then, when setting up your delivery settings, filter products by that delivery label.

If the minimum order value can vary by customer (depending on their membership in a programme, the time of their last order etc.), provide the minimum order value that would allow anyone to get their order delivered. 

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