Availability for inventory

Your inventory availability reflects the status of your products to users based on how much of a product you have in stock.

How it works

Inventory is classified into one of the following categories based on availability and quantity in your local products inventory:

  • In stock: Items that have quantities of 3 items or more.
  • Limited stock: Items that have quantities of 2 items or less.
  • On Display to Order (ODO): Items that are displayed in-store, but not immediately available for purchase: e.g. large furniture items, or different sizes and colors of a display model.
  • Out of stock: Items that are marked as quantity 0. We won’t serve local inventory ads for these items.

Note: Inventory is classified based on the lower value between your availability and quantity.


To deliver an optimal customer experience, make sure you present accurate inventory information. Accurate information helps you show local products on Google that drive traffic to your store.

How to improve inventory availability

Use these guidelines to keep your inventory availability up-to-date:

  • Add missing products or inventory values to the corresponding feeds, or adjust the quantity and availability data in your feeds as needed. You may use placeholder quantities to alter the availability category of your inventory. For example, if you consider quantities below 5 to be limited stock, submit these items with quantity 2 to ensure they appear as Limited stock.
  • Make sure your account allows Limited stock and On Display to Order by speaking with your local inventory ads contact.

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