Google Express basics

Google Express is a shopping service that offers your users fast home delivery from your existing stores and warehouses. Users can purchase products from your stores or warehouses and their other favorite retailers all in one place.

Google Express mobile app


  • Promote customer loyalty: Let users know they can get items quickly and directly from your store or warehouse, without shipping delays
  • Appear on Google Express: Showcase your store information and inventory to Google Express users 
  • Increase quality experiences: Guide users through online or app checkout in as little as 2 clicks

How it works

Google Express allows online shoppers to see and buy goods from your fulfillment channels (e.g. store or warehouse) via the Google Express mobile or desktop app. The app contains your company’s logo and a list of products available for sale on Google Express, including the most up-to-date pricing and availability information.

Note: Google Express is funded partly through a commission on retailers' sales. As a Google Express retailer, Google will send you a commission invoice on a monthly basis. To learn more about commission rates, complete the Google Express interest form.



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