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Check your Google Customer Reviews dashboard

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Your Merchant Center account contains a dashboard where you can view information collected and processed by Google Customer Reviews. For initial insight on your store rating and the data collected, use the Google Customer Reviews dashboard.

Before you begin

To view information collected and processed by Google Customer Reviews, sign in to your Merchant Center account. Click the tools icon Tools and setting menu icon [Gear], then select Customer Reviews setup under “Tools.” 


There are 5 key metrics that show up in your Google Customer Reviews dashboard. Metrics can also be viewed in a specific country by selecting one in the dropdown.

Opt-ins received

This metric shows the number of customers in a given day that have opted-in to the Google Customer Reviews survey.

Surveys offered

This metric shows the number of surveys emailed to your customers in a given day. Some customers who opt-in may not be emailed a survey. Also note that there is a delay between when a customer opts-in and when a survey is sent.

Survey responses received

This metric shows the number of survey responses customers have submitted in a given day.

Store rating

This metric provides the store rating displayed within your badge, search, and Shopping ads during the time period shown.

Product Reviews

The Product Reviews section of your Google Customer Reviews dashboard contains information about the status of your eligibility for Product Ratings.

Product Ratings status

This card shows if your account is eligible for Product Ratings. Star ratings won’t appear on product listings when an account is ineligible.

Product survey responses graph

This graph in your Merchant Center account displays the number of product reviews that have been successfully collected per day through the Google Customer Reviews program.

GTIN graph

This graph shows the number of valid GTINs that have been received through the Google Customer Reviews opt-in.
Google Customer Reviews considers a GTIN to be valid if it is properly formatted in accordance with international standards and corresponds to an existing product listing in the Shopping ads catalog.

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