size_type [size_type]: Definition

Use the size_type [size_type] attribute to describe the cut of your product. This information helps create accurate filters, which users can use to narrow search results.

When to use

Optional for each product


Follow these formatting guidelines to make sure that we understand the data that you're submitting. 

Supported values regular, petite, oversize or maternity
Repeated field No
File format Example entry


XML feeds <g:size_type>petite</g:size_type>

For format API information, see the Content API for Shopping.


Follow these guidelines to make sure that you submit high-quality data for your products.

Minimum requirements

These are the requirements that you'll need to meet to show ads for your product. If you don't follow these requirements, we'll disapprove your product and let you know on the Diagnostics page of your Merchant Center account. 

  • There are no minimum requirements for this attribute. Keep in mind that you still need to follow the formatting guidelines or the information that you submit can't be used.

Best practices

These are best practices that can help you go beyond the basic requirements to optimise your product data for performance. 

  • Match the manufacturer's sizing of the product. If your product already has a size type on it, then submit the matching supported value.
  • Submit the size type whenever it's relevant. If you don't include a size type, we'll use as the default regular. If that's not the right size type, then users could be misled, which could affect your sales.
  • Submit the size_system [size_system] attribute. To also explain which country's sizing system your product uses, also submit the size_system [size_system] attribute.
  • Submit the size [size] attribute. Along with the size type, make sure to submit the specific size of your product using the size [size] attribute.
  • Submit the gender [gender] attribute. To help show your ad for the right search results, also submit the gender [gender] attribute.


Clothing products

Size type is relevant for most clothing products. To help show your ad for the most relevant searches, you should also include the size [size], size system [size system] and gender [gender].

Product Skater dress
country of sale US
title [title] Black Skater polka-dot dress, 10P
size_system [size_system] GB
size_type [size_type] petite
size [size] 10
gender [gender] female
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