Low image quality

What's the problem?

The main image associated with your item has poor image quality. This item may be prevented from participating in Shopping campaigns until the image quality improves.

Why should you fix this?

High image quality is strongly correlated with user engagement and clicks. By improving your image quality, you'll provide a better experience for the users who view your item and you might increase performance of your Shopping campaigns.

How can you fix this?

A list of items that currently have low quality images can be found in the downloadable report. Please review and update these items with higher quality images.

Your main image may not have the following:

  • watermark, logo, or text overlay on the image
  • borders around the image
  • more than one product shown in the image. If the product is a bundle, the image should contain everything included in the bundle.
  • a multicolored, dark, or patterned background

Additionally, we recommend your main image follow these guidelines:

  • Use a solid white, gray, or light colored background
  • Show the product in clear, even lighting
  • Show the product with a view that clearly represents the item being sold. Back views and close-ups can be used for additional images, but not the main image.
  • Show the product in the correct scale, not too big or too small. A product should ideally take no less than 75%, but not more than 90%, of the full image.
  • Make sure the image is free of blur, noise, excessive jpeg artifacts, or other image artifacts like pixelation, fringing, and fading out

Once you update your image and we verify its quality, your item will be allowed to participate in campaign auctions again. This may take a few days. We recommend that you review your remaining items for image quality, too.

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