Automatic item updates: Not performing automatic item updates for price

What's the problem?

Automatic item updates have stopped updating all of your items. This temporary stop is a result of incorrect microdata on your website or a large scale mismatch of microdata and/or information available to advanced data extractors with your Shopping ads product data.

Why should you fix this?

Once you resolve issues with your microdata, we'll automatically update price and availability information for your Shopping ads using structured data markup or advanced data extractors on your product landing pages. This leads both to an improved user experience and to higher click-through and conversion rates.

Automatic item updates also reduce the risk of account suspension for price and availability mismatches.

How can you fix this?

You will find warnings in both the account and item section of the Diagnostics tab that will let you know if either incorrect microdata on your website and/or a mismatch between your microdata and your Shopping ads product data is preventing us from updating your items automatically.

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