Long titles

What's the problem?

Some of your items have long titles. You can submit titles with up to 150 characters, but because we only display up to 70 characters on Shopping ads, we strongly encourage you to submit titles with 70 or less characters whenever possible.

Why should you fix this?

In Shopping ads we need to shorten product titles if limited space is available, such as on mobile devices. It is important to use short titles that contain relevant product information so that a user can get an idea of what the advertised product is and what differentiates it from other products, even in a short amount of text.

How can you fix this?

We recommend putting distinctive product attributes at the beginning of the title. For example, 'Nexus 7 tablet in black with 32GB of storage' becomes 'Nexus 7 tablet, 32GB, black'. The product information to put in your title also depends on the product category. Technical specifications are important for electronics whereas brand, color, and fabric are more important for apparel items. This helps the user to understand what this product is even if the title is truncated.

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