Common issues with feeds for dynamic remarketing

If your dynamic remarketing ads are not showing, start by checking for the following issues with your data feed:

  1. Your data feed has not been fully processed and is still under review
    • On the first upload a data feed can take up to three business days to process.
  2. Your Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts are not linked
    • In order to run dynamic remarketing, a given campaign has to be linked to a Merchant Center account.
      • Check the Settings of the Google Ads campaign
      • If you see an active Merchant Center account ID then there is a linked account. Otherwise, there is no linked account
      • To link an account, please review the following article
  3. Merchant Center has been declared as containing adult-orientated products in the Merchant Center Settings
    • If any of your products or your website as a whole is considered to be adult it cannot be used in dynamic remarketing campaigns. If your website as a whole is considered adult and is intended for an adult audience, you are responsible for ticking the tickbox “This site contains adult products as defined by our policy” in the “General settings” section of the Merchant Center account. Click here to learn more about this setting in Merchant Center. If you have adult items that you need to exclude from your dynamic remarketing campaign, use the ‘excluded destination’ attribute to remove an item from the Display Ads destination. Learn more about using 'excluded destination' for dynamic remarketing.
  4. Your data feed is blank
    • If you'd like to review the content of your uploaded feed, you can do so by navigating to the Feeds tab and clicking on the name of the feed. In the resulting Feed status summary page, you'll see a Download file link near the bottom of the Feed details section for recently submitted feeds.
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