Edit promotion or change promotion status

This article describes different ways you can edit or stop a promotion during the review process.

You can update the status of your promotions in the Promotions dashboard of your Merchant Center account. It’s important to understand how to update promotions so that the most accurate information appears on live display of your Shopping ads. 


Fix an "Approved" promotion

If changes are required for a promotion that has already been approved during policy review, create a new promotion and promotion_id. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the +Promotion tool or use the promotion attributions in your feed.
  2. Re-submit your updated promotions feed or +Promotion form.
  3. If your promotion is SKU_SPECIFIC, re-map the new promotion_id to your products feed if necessary.

Edit an “Under review” or “Rejected" promotion

Promotions either under review or rejected for policy review can still be edited:

  1. To change or update a promotion that you submitted with the Promotion tool, click the "Edit promotion" link shown next to the Policy Rejected status. 
  2. Next, submit the promotion through the form again with the same promotion_id and the corrected information.
  3. To change a promotion you submitted with a Promotions feed, make your desired edits directly in the Promotions feed and re-upload it. You do not need to change the promotion_id.

If your promotion is rejected during the policy review, an email will be sent with rejection details.

Edit a promotion rejected during SKU validation review

For promotions rejected during SKU validation, you don't have to submit a new promotion to fix the cause(s) of the rejection. Simply make the appropriate changes and submit your promotion for retesting. Follow the steps below to request a retest:

  1. Navigate to the Promotions dashboard in Merchant Center and find the promotion you need retested.
  2. Click the speech bubble more information next to the rejected promotion status in the SKU STATUS column. A dialogue box will appear with an explanation of the promotion rejection and a link to request a retest.
  3. Click Request a Retest to resubmit your promotion for validation review.

If you need to edit your Promotions feed to resolve an issue during the SKU validation review stage, a new promotion_id needs to be created. 

Stop a promotion

You can stop a promotion any time, but you should only do this if you would like to terminate a live promotion. Stopped promotions can't be restarted. 

To stop a promotion, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Promotions in your Merchant Center account. 
  2. Check the box next to the promotion you want to stop.
  3. Click Stop promotions at the top of the dashboard. 

Note: After you stop a promotion, it may take a few hours to remove it from Google.com and Shopping ads. 

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