Used and Refurbished Items

What's the policy?

Google Shopping allows the promotion of quality second-hand items.

Google Shopping also allows the promotion of refurbished items as long as they comply with local laws and regulations and with other Google Shopping’s policies.

We've created this policy based on legal factors and user experience.


Product Listing Allowed? Reason
Sites selling refurbished music players in compliance with warranty requirements and local regulations on refurbished equipment Allowed Allowed with limitations Google allows the promotion of items as long as they are compliant with local laws and regulations.
Second-hand clothes Allowed Allowed Google allows the promotion of used items.

What can I do if my product listing gets disapproved?

If your product listing becomes disapproved, the technical contact in your account will receive a notification with a detailed description of the violation and instructions on how to fix them. Please follow the instructions in the email and re-submit your product listing for review.

You can do that by filling out the form for disapproved data here and chose one of the provided options to get help with your product listing.

What happens if I violate this policy?

Google aims to provide the best user experience and data quality in Google Shopping and therefore enforces clear actions against violations both on product listings and websites.

Product listing disapproval

Product listings or websites that don't comply with this policy may get disapproved. When a product listing gets disapproved, it won't be able to run until the policy violation is fixed and the data is approved.

Account suspension

In severe cases, an account may get suspended. If this happens, all product listings in the suspended account will stop being shown, and we may no longer accept data from you. Any related accounts may also be permanently suspended. In really severe cases, merchants may also be automatically suspended if attempting to open any new accounts.

Contact information

For additional questions about this policy, or other related topics, you can visit our FAQ page for the most frequently asked questions. You can also go to our contact page and select the category related to your question to receive assistance.