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Onboarding guide

Sign up for Google Merchant Center

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If you’re looking for information about signing up for Merchant Center Next, click here.

Google Merchant Center helps millions of people discover, explore and buy your products. With its amazing features and deep reporting tools, it gives you different ways to get the right products to the right customers.

Before you begin

You'll need a Google Account (e.g. Gmail) to sign up for Merchant Center. If you don't have a Google Account, go to and click Create account.

When you're ready, go to Merchant Center and sign in with your Google Account to get started.

Go to Merchant Center

Drive sales and reach more customers with Google Merchant Center

For subtitles in your language, turn on YouTube captions. Select the settings icon Image of YouTube settings icon at the bottom of the video player, then select 'Subtitles/CC' and choose your language.

Get started

Merchant Center intelligently builds a personalised onboarding experience. It will suggest next steps for you and show you tasks that have already been completed.

You can access your remaining tasks at any time by navigating to the 'Overview' tab. Learn more about navigating Merchant Center.

You don't need to complete the onboarding process all at once. If you need to take a break, you can return to the 'Overview' tab at any time and pick up where you left off.

Add your information

Step 1 Enter your business information

Tell us about your business.

Your business information will be applied across the different features and tools that you use in Merchant Center. You only have to enter this information once and you can edit it later.

  • Add where your business is registered as the 'Business address'.
    • The time zone for Merchant Center is automatically filled in based on the country or region that you choose under 'Business address'. The country selected during account setup cannot be changed after the account has been created. However, you can change the time zone in your Merchant Center settings.
  • Add your business name.
    • Your business name can be the name of your shop, your website or your business.
    • The name that you enter as your business name will be used as your Merchant Center name. Users will see this name across Google. Review our business names policies.
  • Add and verify a phone number.
    • You must add and verify a phone number before you can complete your Merchant Center onboarding.
  • Add your social profile information.
  • Add your customer support channel.
    • You can add your support website URL, email address and phone number. Support information can help customers to make informed purchase decisions, troubleshoot problems, get help and build trust with your business.
  • Add your seller logo.
    • You can upload your branding information to accurately represent your business.
Tip: Changing the time zone will alter how we calculate and report your performance metrics. If you change your time zone, the change won't apply to data added prior to you making the change.

Step 2 Choose where your customers check out

Tell us what your checkout should look like.

Select the checkout options that apply to your business. You can choose more than one and change them later in your Merchant Center if you need to.

Sign up for merchant center | On your website [icon]

On your website

Customers will see your product listing on Google and go to your website to buy.

Sign up for merchant center | On Google [icon]

On Google

Customers will see your product listing on Google and buy without leaving Google. They can still check out on your website even if checkout on Google is available for your product listings.

Sign up for merchant center | At your local store [icon]

At your local shop

Customers will see your product listing on Google and visit your local shop to buy.

Learn more about Merchant Center's checkout options.

Step 3 Choose your third-party platforms

Tell us about the tools that you work with.

You might work with a third-party platform to show, promote or sell your products across Google. Linking your account will associate your Merchant Center with an account that you manage on a third-party platform. This allows us to provide better services to you and your linked platform. Remember that you can add more tools and integrations at any time.

Learn how to link your Merchant Center account to a third-party platform.

Step 4 Choose your email preferences

Tell us how to reach you.

Opt in to receive emails about updates, with tips and best practices, or invitations to test new features. You can opt out of receiving the emails at any time. Learn more about email preferences.

Once you've read and accepted the Terms of Service, your Merchant Center will be ready for the next step: choosing your Merchant Center features.

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