Data quality enforcement and suspensions

Data quality standards

In order to provide a high-quality experience to our users, the product data you provide to Google needs to accurately describe your items and has to reflect the status of the products on your website at all times.

If your product data doesn’t meet our quality standards, your products will be removed from Google Shopping until the issues have been addressed.

Data quality enforcement

Our data quality enforcement applies to invalid product data submitted to Google Shopping. In order to determine whether or not an item is eligible to appear on Google Shopping, we also maintain strong enforcement of the Google Shopping Policies Learn more about item-level and account-level enforcement for policy violations.

We will alert you of any data quality issues that could affect your account based on the process outlined below.

Temporary item disapproval

We review your individual items submitted via data feeds and the Content API for Shopping regularly. If we detect that the data you provide does not match the product information on your website, we may disapprove these items temporarily. This will prevent the item from appearing on Google Shopping. Please review any disapproved items and ensure that you’re submitting accurate product data.

If you have valid microdata on your website, you can choose to enable automatic item updates, a feature that reduces the risk of account suspension for price and availability mismatches and prevents temporary item disapprovals.

Getting back into results after an item disapproval:

  1. Make the corrections to your products listings and ensure that you’ve implemented a long-term solution to prevent future violations.
  2. After a disapproved item has been updated with accurate information and uploaded again, we will review the items again. This might take up to 12 hours to verify that the items have been fixed. Note that temporarily disapproved offers will be re-approved automatically within 4 days. Items that have been re-approved automatically are still subject to future disapprovals.

Account suspension

We'll send you the following series of emails containing all relevant information for account suspension for data quality issues.

Warnings: Google Shopping will review merchants on an ongoing basis. If we find that your data is not in compliance, we’ll send you an email with a warning and timeframe to fix your data quality issues. During the warning period, your items will continue to appear on Google Shopping. Please note that this warning period will not be displayed in your Merchant Center account.

Account Suspensions: After the warning period specified in our email, we’ll review your data once more. If you haven’t resolved the issue, your account will be suspended and all items consequently removed from Google Shopping. You will also see your suspension status appear in both your Google Merchant Center Dashboard and Diagnostics tabs.

Important: Please note that account suspensions refer to the removal of your items from Google Shopping. Your items will still be available for other destinations and your actual Google account will still allow you to access other Google products.

Getting back into results after an account suspension

  1. Make the corrections to your products listings and ensure that you’ve implemented a long-term solution to prevent future violations.
  2. Submit your product listings again.
  3. Review your data in the Products tab. Here, you can see information that was most recently submitted to Google Merchant Center, and you can compare this data to your live website.
  4. Once you have fixed the issues, please contact us through this form or your dedicated account representative.

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