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Use the right language and currency

When you submit your product data to Google Merchant Center, you'll need to use a language and currency that's supported for your target country.

This article explains the language and currency requirements that your product data and landing pages will need to meet in order for you to advertise on Google Shopping.

Requirements by country

To include your products in Google Shopping, they must meet the currency and language requirements below.

For countries that support multiple languages, keep in mind that your product landing pages must be in the same language as your product data. For example, if you list your product data is in French, you must link to landing pages in French.

Target country Supported languages Supported currencies
(other currencies may be supported using currency conversion)
Currency conversion supported
(What's this?)
Argentina* Spanish Argentina Peso (ARS) Yes
Australia English Australia dollar (AUD) Yes
Austria German Euro (EUR) No
Belgium French
Euro (EUR) Yes
Brazil Portuguese Brazil Real (BRL) No
Canada English
Canada dollar (CAD) Yes
Chile* Spanish Chile Peso (CLP) Yes
Colombia* Spanish Colombia Peso (COP) Yes
Czechia Czech Czechia Crown (CZK) No
Denmark Danish
Denmark Krone (DKK) Yes
France French Euro (EUR) No
Germany German Euro (EUR) No
Hong Kong* Traditional Chinese
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Yes
India English India Rupee (INR) No
Indonesia* Indonesian
Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) Yes
Ireland English Euro (EUR) Yes
Italy Italian Euro (EUR) No
Japan Japanese Yen (JPY) No
Malaysia* English Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) Yes
Mexico Spanish
Mexico Peso (MXN) Yes
Netherlands Dutch Euro (EUR) No
New Zealand English New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Yes
Norway Norwegian
Norway Krone (NOK) Yes
Philippines* English Philippines Peso (PHP) Yes
Poland Polish Poland Złoty (PLN) No
Portugal* Portuguese Euro (EUR) Yes
Russia Russian Russia Ruble (RUB) No
Singapore English Singapore dollar (SGD) Yes
South Africa English South Africa Rand (ZAR) Yes
Spain Spanish Euro (EUR) No
Sweden Swedish
Sweden Krona (SEK) Yes
Switzerland English
Switzerland Franc (CHF) Yes
Taiwan* Traditional Chinese
Taiwan New Dollar (TWD) Yes
Turkey Turkish Turkey Lira (TRY) No
United Arab Emirates* English United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) Yes
United Kingdom English United Kingdom Pound (GBP) Yes
United States English US Dollar (USD) Yes

*This is a beta target country. Learn more about beta target countries

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