Login errors when uploading files via SFTP or FTP

There are several common reasons why you may have trouble connecting to the FTP server.

You haven't created an SFTP or FTP account
Before you can upload files via SFTP or FTP, you need to create an SFTP or FTP account. Please note, your SFTP or FTP and Google Merchant Center account logins will be different. Therefore, they'll have different usernames and passwords.

Your SFTP or FTP account hasn't become active
You may be unable to log in when attempting to connect too soon after creating or editing your SFTP or FTP account. It takes a couple of hours for new SFTP or FTP account information to become active.

You aren't connecting to the correct SFTP or FTP server
For SFTP, if you’re using command line prompt, you should be connecting to {your SFTP username}@partnerupload.google.com with a specified server port of 19321 (e.g., sftp -P 19321 {your sftp username}@partnerupload.google.com). If you're using an SFTP client, you may need to prefix the host name address with the ‘sftp://’ protocol (e.g., sftp://partnerupload.google.com).

For FTP, you should be connecting to ftp://uploads.google.com if you're using a browser to establish a connection. If you're using an FTP client, or command line prompt, you'll need to connect to uploads.google.com (without the "ftp://" protocol).

You're using an incorrect SFTP or FTP username
You can verify you're using the correct username by signing in to your Google Merchant Center account. Once you're signed in, select SFTP / FTP /GCS under the 3-dot icon menu. If you’ve set them up, you'll see your username displayed under the Username section for each service.

You're using an incorrect SFTP or FTP password
SFTP and FTP passwords aren't displayed in your account for security purposes. If you've lost your password, you'll need to reset it. Learn how to reset your SFTP or FTP password.

Your firewall doesn't allow you to connect to the FTP server ("Connection refused")
If you're connecting from behind a firewall, make sure the firewall rules allow you to connect to the following IP addresses for our FTP server (uploads.google.com):

Note: These IP addresses should only be used to configure your firewall. None of the listed IP addresses are guaranteed to be available at a given time, and we recommend that you always use the hostname ftp://uploads.google.com to open an FTP connection.

If you continue to have issues uploading your file via SFTP or FTP, please contact us.

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