About your shop name

When setting up your account, you'll add the name of your shop. Users will see this name in your ads.

To make sure that your shop name works correctly in all situations, follow these guidelines:

  • Enter a short name that represents your business name. You could use your business name or the name of your website. If your shop name is too long, then we'll show your website URL instead.
  • Don't include additional text or suffixes. For example, don't include "Inc.," "Co." or "GmbH".
  • Don't include promotional text. For example, don't include phone numbers, marketing messages, sale announcements.
  • Don't use repeated and unnecessary punctuation, capitalisation or symbols. For example, don't spell your shop name with emoticons, ALL CAPS, emoji, copyright symbols (©) or trademark symbols (™). Find out more about our Editorial & professional requirements.
  • Don't use offensive or inappropriate language. Learn more about our "Offensive or inappropriate content" policy.
  • Use clear and professional language. Learn more about our Editorial & professional requirements.

If you make changes to your shop name, they'll show up the next time you submit your product data.

Bear in mind

If your shop name contains any errors or doesn't comply with our Editorial & professional requirements, we may show your website URL instead. You'll also see a notification in Merchant Center on the Diagnostics page.

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