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About Merchant Viewer

Merchant Viewer is a Shopping surface that allows businesses to express more information regarding their brand, mission, and identity. Google also pulls in data regarding your shopping experience, including customer reviews, to give customers an accurate representation of your business. This is the location where the merchant voice has the opportunity to meet the voice of the shopper. By differentiating your brand, you can connect with shoppers who resonate with your brand values.

The areas highlighted in the Merchant Viewer are outlined below:

Store Insights Panel

Store Insights Panel offers a way for you to display the overall shopping experience of your store in a concise manner on Search, Maps, and other Google surfaces. You can also add the Store Insights Panel on your website.

Displaying the quality of the shopping experience you provide helps customers set the right expectations and provides them with the key information that helps them in deciding whether to proceed with the purchase.

The Store Insights Panel sources data from the Shopping experience scorecard in your Merchant Center. Based on your performance in each of the metrics measured by the Shopping experience scorecard, the Store Insights Panel will display a ranking to communicate the level of shopper experience you provide.

For example, your Shopping experience scorecard in Merchant Center may reflect a score of 9/10 for your Shipping Experience and a score of 6/10 for your Return Experience. These numerical scores are then converted to customer-facing rankings in the Store Insights Panel.

An illustration of the Store Ratings Store Insights panel.

Example of how the Store Insights Panel appears on Google surfaces

Example of how the Store Insights Panel appears on your website

The rankings displayed are:

  • Exceptional
  • Great
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Low
Note: The conversion of numerical scores in the Shopping experience scorecard to rankings displayed in the Store Insights Panel is based on relative performance to other merchants. A certain numerical value in the Shopping experience scorecard is not a guarantee you’ll receive a certain ranking in the Store Insights Panel.

Store Insights - Measured signals

The signals measured and displayed in the Store Insights Panel are:

  • Shipping
  • Returns
  • Pricing
  • Payment options
  • Website quality

To learn more about how these signals are measured, how you can improve performance in these signals, or why you have received a certain ranking - refer to the Shopping experience scorecard.

Store ratings

Merchant Viewer also includes your store rating and customer reviews. Learn more about store ratings.

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