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Add your business information in Merchant Center

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If you're looking for information about adding business information in Merchant Center Next, click here.

To provide a safe and trustworthy Shopping ads ecosystem for users, and to comply with emerging regulations, Google requires merchants to provide basic and verifiable information about their business and identity.

Google uses the business information that you submit to display to users who view your products online. Your customers can also use this information to contact you to request support for order status, updates and other issues.

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How to add your business information

  1. In your Merchant Center, click the tools and settings icon Tools and settings menu icon [Gear], and select Business information.
  2. Enter your 'Business display name' and click Save.
  3. Fill in the fields under 'Business address' and click Save.
  4. Add a valid number on 'Phone number for verification purposes' and click Verify number.
    Note: Google will use this number to verify that you're the owner of the business. It won't be displayed to customers.
  5. Fill in the fields under 'Customer service contact for Shopping ads', 'Social profile' and 'Korean business registration number', as required. Click Save after completing these sections.

Formatting requirements

Follow these formatting guidelines to make sure that Google and your customers understand the business information that you're submitting.

  • Business display name: Enter a short name that represents your business name. Use clear and professional language. Learn more about your shop name.
  • Business address: Add where your business is registered, according to the respective text fields. Make sure that the required fields such as 'Address line 1', 'City' and 'Postal/Zip code' are filled in.
  • Phone number for verification purposes: Make sure that you add a valid phone number with its corresponding country code to get your account verified. Learn more about verifying your phone number.
  • Customer service contact for Shopping ads: Use your website's working URL that displays your current business contact information. Include your domain name in the 'Email' field. Use your valid business contact number in the 'Phone number' field.
  • Social profiles: Complete the website addresses of your business's social profiles by typing in your business name handle for each social media platform that you select. You can add up to four social profiles. Learn more about adding your social profile to Merchant Center (US only).
  • Korean business registration number: Add your 10-digit Korean business registration number following the format 'XXX-XX-XXXXX'.

Common issues

If the information that you've provided doesn't meet our formatting requirements, your products or your entire Merchant Center account may be subject to warnings, disapprovals or suspension. These issues can prevent your products from being shown on Google.

Shop name not showing correctly

One or more of these texts or characters are included in your provided business display name:
  • Additional text or suffixes
  • Promotional text
  • Repeated and unnecessary punctuation, capitalisation or symbols
  • Personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Offensive or inappropriate language

Make sure that you use clear and professional language in entering your business display name. Learn more about your shop name.

Unverified phone number

A valid phone number for your business hasn't yet been verified for your Merchant Center account. As a result, your account has been suspended, and your ads and free listings have been stopped.
To resolve this issue and get your ads and listings back up and running, use your Merchant Center account to verify a valid phone number for your business. Learn how to fix an unverified phone number.

Website URL verification issues

You can only claim a website URL for your Merchant Center account after you've verified the URL. Make sure that you've verified your website URL.
If your Merchant Center account has multiple users, only the user who has verified a site can complete the claim on it.

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