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About Overview in Merchant Center Analytics

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The “Overview” tab in Performance offers cards that help you be better informed to make the best decision for your business. The cards allow you to gain better insight on your traffic as well as staying up-to-date on the latest trends.

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The “Overview” tab can help you:

  • Get a glimpse at the performance of your product, store, and non-product results in one place.
  • View key metrics on how products, brands, and more are trending over time.
  • Monitor the performance of your store's Business Profile on Google Search & Maps by tracking various metrics over a given time period.
  • Learn about the latest trends (what people are searching for on Google).

You can use the information from these cards to determine the best ways to promote your products and further grow your business.

How it works

To get started, navigate to the "Performance" page in Merchant Center. The “Overview” tab offers a selection of personalized “cards” based on your traffic to your website. You can find answers to key questions and statements such as "How many clicks on Google led to your website"? and "What people are searching for on Google”.

To find out more information and dive deeper into specific search topics, products, or time ranges, click on the card to open up a more advanced experience that provides in-depth information.

What's available

Number of clicks on Google led to your website

For traffic to your website, you’ll have the breakdown of your traffic, Organic versus Ads, for:

  • Products: traffic from Google to product detail pages on your website
  • Store on Search and Maps: track all interactions with your store's Business Profile on Google Search & Maps
  • Non-product website results: traffic from Google to pages on your website that aren’t product detail pages; these can be your website’s home page, shipping and return policies, product category pages, or others.

What people are searching for on Google

Learn how popular a search topic is relative to its peak popularity. 100 is peak popularity, 50 is half as popular, and 0 means there wasn’t enough data.

Click the "View all searches" button to explore more detailed information. Filter or sort your results based on the following dimensions:

  • Search rank: Google ranks products and brands based on how often customers are searching for them. The smaller the number, the higher your product category ranks in searches.
  • Search trend: Details how much a product category has increased in popularity compared to a previous period because of customers searching for them more often.
  • Time period: Select a time period from the past 30 or 120 days, and view trend predictions for the next 7 or 30 days.
  • Country: One of the countries you sell in is selected by default, but you can explore trends in other countries by changing the filter values.

The report information is available for download. Click the Download button A picture of the download icon for Google Ads and Merchant Center in the top right corner of the report table to automatically generate a report (.csv).

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