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About next-day delivery for local product listings

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The next-day delivery feature allows you to indicate which local products are eligible for next-day delivery if the order cut-off time for same-day delivery has passed. This feature is only available for local product listings and local inventory ads.

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  • Make sure that your business provides same-day delivery fulfillment services for eligible products.
  • Set up a Google Business Profile for your store locations and link your profile to your Merchant Center account.
  • Enable free local listings in Merchant Center to list your products for free on Google.
  • Create a local product feed and submit the feed to Merchant Center.
  • Currently available for free local listings in the United States only.

How to set up next-day delivery

To use the next-day delivery feature, you must set up your same-day delivery first. After setting up your order cut-off time, you can choose to display an annotation that the same-day delivery items are also eligible for next-day delivery when the orders are placed after the specified cut-off time. The next-day delivery annotation will appear from the selected cut-off time until 12 AM.

Note: If the store is closed on the next day, the next-day delivery annotation will not appear.

Service coverage

  1. In your Merchant Center account, click Tools and settings icon Tools and setting menu icon [Gear] .
  2. Select Shipping and returns under “Tools”.
  3. Select Add shipping service.
  4. Select Delivery for local products (US only).
  5. In the “Service coverage” page, name your shipping service and select USD as currency for the fees.

Delivery settings

  1. In the “Delivery settings” page, select whether all your products or only certain products are available for same-day delivery.
  2. Decide whether all stores offer same-day delivery or only certain store locations.
  3. Create a same-day delivery label (if applicable). Learn more about creating a same-day delivery label.
  4. Select a maximum delivery radius.
  5. Select an order cut-off time.
  6. Click the pencil icon next to the text “After order cutoff time, next day delivery messaging will be displayed”.
  7. If you want the next day delivery annotation to show up, select the radio button next to option “Yes”.
  8. Provide a minimum order value required for orders to be eligible for same-day delivery. If there is no order minimum, leave this value as $0.00.

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