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Add a checkout link for your products on the Google & YouTube app on Shopify

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Using the checkout feature, you can make the shopping experience quick and easy for your customers by redirecting them to the checkout page on your Shopify website directly from your free listings. You're automatically opted into this feature but you can opt out if you like.

This feature is only available in the US.

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Typically, all traffic from free listings goes to a merchant's product details page and some shoppers make a purchase. The checkout feature is an additional capability on free listings where shoppers that are ready to buy can go directly to a merchant's checkout page. This allows merchants to retain traffic to their product details page while also making it easy for users who want to buy now.

  • Better results: Drive more GMV and see higher conversion rates.
  • Ease of shopping: Help ready-to-buy shoppers complete their purchase with less friction

How it works

Free listings will display a checkout capability that redirects ready-to-buy customers directly to your checkout page. Google uses the product information and the URL associated with your Shopify account to create a checkout URL specific to each product. The standard 'Visit site' capability for all free listings offers will still be there for users that want to learn more information about the product.

Note: Google recommends that you clearly provide applicable product warnings and other required disclosures about each product on your checkout page in addition to the product details pages.

An illustration of the checkout feature going directly from the Buy now button to merchant's basket.

Minimum requirements

  • You need to be on free listings
  • Follow all free listing policies


Once you have onboarded with the Google & YouTube app, you will be automatically opted into this feature. You can change the settings of the checkout feature in your Shopify account by following the steps below:

  1. In the Google & YouTube app, click Settings.
  2. In the 'Product feed settings' section, click the Manage button beside 'Checkout link settings'
  3. Then, select Include links to checkout and product page (recommended) option.
  4. Click Save changes.

Note: Make sure that your shop front is public and does not require a password.

URL validation

To provide a smoother purchase experience for customers, we validate the checkout URLs and see if the URL works and lands the customer on a valid, working checkout page. This is a recurring process that can take up to 24 hours to complete each time. To check if the URL works as expected and to ensure quality, Google regularly examines the checkout pages.

Important: The checkout page must not require the customer to sign in.

Landing page recommendations

If your checkout experience has the right information to build customer confidence, it will help them to complete their purchase more efficiently. It's important that your customers can verify who they're purchasing from, what they're purchasing and how much they'll pay for it. We recommend clearly communicating your brand and order details by making sure that the following details are visible on your checkout landing page:

  • Your brand: This helps your customers verify that they're in the right place.
  • Product information: Include all relevant details such as image, quantity, price and product variants like colour and size.
  • Price: Cost breakdowns give users confidence that they're paying the right price.
  • Product disclosures: We recommend that you clearly provide product warnings and other required disclosures about each product on your checkout page, in addition to the product details pages.

Tip: We also recommend that offers have complete and accurate data attributes that help users buy with confidence. If you're not already sending the following information for each offer, consider updating your feed to include:

  • Returns cost, window
  • Delivery date, cost
  • Minimum order value
  • Free delivery thresholds
  • Availability – in stock, available for purchase

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