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About the Store Quality program

This article is intended for users of the Google & YouTube app on Shopify.

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The Store Quality program rewards businesses that provide excellent customer experiences.

This program is available in several countries with varying features. As more countries/features become available, this table will be updated.

Country Quality Signals
(specific signals available may vary by country)
Overall Quality Score Top Quality Store Badge
US Yes Yes Yes
CA, AU, NZ Yes No Yes
IN, JP Yes No No - coming in 2024
Rest of World No No No

By meeting certain customer experience criteria, you may receive:

  • The "Top Quality Store" badge which displays on your listings and can improves user confidence in buying from you
  • Prominence in placements on the Shopping tab

The program monitors the experience that you provide to customers in several areas including shipping speed, shipping cost, return cost, and return window. You are given a rating of Excellent, Comparable, or Opportunity for each metric.

View your performance

You can view your performance by either opting in to receive regular performance reports via email or signing in to your Merchant Center.

Opt in to receive performance reports via email

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Click the tools and settings icon Tools and setting menu icon [Gear].
  3. Under the “Settings” column, click Preferences.
  4. In the “Email notifications” section, make sure Tips and best practices and Reports are checked.
  5. Click Save.

Sign in to Merchant Center

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Click the Growth tab.
  3. Click the Store Quality tab.
Any other changes to settings or product data made in your Merchant Center account may be overridden by changes made in your Shopify account. All other settings should be edited and maintained directly in your Shopify account.

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