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Track your store's Business Profile performance in Merchant Center

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Merchant Center gives you the ability to monitor the performance of your store's Business Profile on Google Search & Maps, by tracking various metrics over a given time period. Learn how to connect your Google Business Profile to Merchant Center.

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How to see your store’s Business Profile performance metrics in Merchant Center?

  1. Sign in to Merchant Center and select Performance > Store(s)
  2. Select a time period and the desired metrics

You don’t have a physical store or you’re looking to track the performance of your online store products? Discover how to Track your product performance in Merchant Center.

Which Business Profile metrics are available?

What follows is a complete list of the Business Profile interaction metrics you can track. Interaction metrics are reported with daily granularity, but it can take 3-4 days for results to appear. Any dated events are reported according to the time zone of your Business Profile.

All interactions

How many times people call, message, ask for directions, or click on your website from your store’s Business Profile on Google Search & Maps.

Website clicks

How many times people click on your website from your store’s Business Profile on Google Search & Maps.


How many times people call from your store’s Business Profile on Google Search & Maps.


How many times people message from your store’s Business Profile on Google Search & Maps.


How many times people ask for directions from your store’s Business Profile on Google Search & Maps.

How to understand your Business Profile performance metrics?

Performance graph

This allows you to view the evolution of your performance metrics over time.

  • Use the date selector to view the data for longer or shorter time periods.
  • A shorter time period can be used to focus on performance at a specific time, for example, during a holiday season.
  • A longer time frame can give you indication of cyclical trends among your potential customers.
  • By turning on the “Compare” toggle from the date picker, comparisons are shown for the time series graph as well. By default, the metric in the scorecard shows a comparison with the previous period selected, even if you don't turn on the comparison toggle.
Note: Make sure to verify all your stores for complete information.
  • If multiple stores are added and some are unverified, an alert banner is shown and redirects to the Stores page to verify the store.
  • If only one store is linked and it's not verified, the tab will direct you to verify the store.

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