Advertise your products using Merchant Center

Ad campaigns can help you to boost sales by reaching customers from more places across Google. Creating a campaign in Google Merchant Center will advertise your products across Google Ads channels like YouTube, Search and Discover.

Your ads can show rich product information like images, prices and shop names. They're created using data attributes from the product information in your Merchant Center feed and are shown to people who are already searching for the kinds of products that you advertise.

How it works

  • We use your existing Merchant Center product data to decide how and where to show your ads.
  • The product data that you submit through Merchant Center contains details about the products that you sell. We'll use these details when we match a user's search to your ads, making sure that it shows the most relevant products. All available products in Merchant Center will be advertised in your campaigns by default.
  • Potential customers will discover ads for your products on Google's channels (e.g. whilst they're searching for a video on YouTube). Based on the information in your feed, customers will view things like a photo of the product, its title and price, the shop name and other important information in the ad.
  • Customers can click on your ads to learn more about your products before making a purchase. You pay per click.

About Performance Max

Any campaign that you create in Merchant Center is a Performance Max campaign. Performance Max is a performance-based campaign type that helps you to find more customers and meet your goals. To do this, Performance Max looks at campaign inputs like your budget and your product feed and then optimises performance based on those inputs.

Note: Performance Max has replaced the Smart Shopping campaign type in Merchant Center.

When you create a Performance Max campaign in Merchant Center, you provide the budget, campaign name and country in which your products are available.

If you want even more control over the campaign (such as bidding options), you can use Google Ads to edit the ad. Learn more about the features available for Performance Max in Google Ads

Get started

Before you can create campaigns in Merchant Center, there are a few steps that you need to follow.

When you sign up for Merchant Center, you can select that you want to run paid ads for your products. You can also set up ads after you've signed up by selecting 'Growth' in the left navigation menu, then 'Manage programmes' > Shopping ads'.

You can stop and resume set-up at any point. Once you've started set-up, ad campaigns will automatically be added to your list of pending tasks on the 'Overview' page.

Step 1 Set up the required information in Merchant Center:

Recommended: Whilst optional, you may want to add promotion information for your products. Promotions are special offers like '15% off' or 'Free delivery' that can help to increase engagement from your customers. You can highlight promotions in your ad campaigns.

Step 2 Link a Google Ads account to your Merchant Center account. Someone with standard or admin access to the Google Ads account will need to approve the link request.

Step 3 Set up a payment method in the Google Ads account to pay for your ads when you start running campaigns.

Step 4 Review ad policies to ensure that your business is a good fit for the programme.

Step 5 When you're ready, start creating campaigns in Merchant Center.

After you have successfully created a campaign, you can view the performance data or edit your campaign by going to 'Marketing' > 'Ad campaigns'.

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