Improve product pricing with the price insights report

The price insights report in Merchant Center shows suggested sale prices for your products and predicts the performance that you can expect if you update your products' prices. Using the price insights report can help you price your products more effectively.

An illustration of the price insights report in Merchant Center


With the price insights report, you can:

  • Understand the impact of price changes on business goals like profit, sales, or total number of clicks to your website
  • Improve your return on ad spend (ROAS) and conversions by providing competitive product pricing
  • Set better prices for your products

If you’re eligible, set up automated discounts in your account so that your products get the recommended pricing provided by the price insights report.

Eligibility and requirements

To make sure that we have enough information to predict suggested prices:

Even if you meet the above criteria, you may not be able to view the report because:

  • You must meet certain minimum requirements for participation in Shopping ads.
  • The prices are already competitive according to our models. You won’t be able to view the report if we don’t expect to see a significant increase in impressions, clicks, or conversions by changing your prices.
  • You already signed up for the automated discounts program (which automatically applies the new prices to your website).

Note: After you sign up for automated discounts, the price insights report will no longer appear in your account. Instead, you’ll find a new reporting page with the actual automated discount performance.

How it works

The price insights report uses high scale models to run simulations for your offers over the past 7 days of traffic. Simulations run at different price points for each offer. The price point that maximizes the gross profit for an offer is picked.

The price insights report provides eligible merchants with expected impressions, clicks, conversions, and gross profit that they should expect if they implement the suggested pricing. Product demand, competitors’ prices, number of sellers for similar products, and manufacturer costs are taken into consideration when suggesting prices. Keep in mind that predictions don’t guarantee performance outcomes.

To view the report, open Merchant Center, then select “Growth” > “Price Insights”.

Metrics available in the price insights report

  • Price: There are three components to the price metric:
    • Suggested sale price is the price predicted by Google to maximize the gross profit for your business. It’s based on multiple signals from the last 7 days.
    • Your price is the current price of your product visible to customers on Google.
    • Benchmark is the click-weighted average price for your product across all businesses that show the same product in free listings and Shopping ads.
  • Predicted impressions: Predicted increase in impressions after applying the suggested sale price.
  • Predicted clicks: Predicted increase in clicks after applying the suggested price.
  • Predicted conversions: Predicted increase in conversion after applying the suggested price.
  • Predicted gross profit: Predicted increase in gross profit after applying the suggested price. For better predictions of your gross profit, you can start reporting conversions with cart data and uploading COGS for your offers.
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