Nearby Stores

In 2013, users in the United States will see more accurate and relevant local results through local availability for Products Listing Ads (PLAs), on both desktop and mobile devices. For example, if a user searches for a product on her smartphone, she may see a Product Listing Ad for a local product, letting her know that the product is in stock at a local store.

When she clicks the Product Listing Ad for the local product, she’ll arrive at a local storefront that lets her browse products available in the store before she visits in person. She can check out products that the retailer has in stock that are relevant to her original search and browse to discover other products carried by that store. For example, if the user originally searched for ‘headphones,’ she’ll find all the headphones available at that store right now, and at what price. She can also quickly find store hours, get directions, or call the store directly.

This new product, local availability for PLAs, is a beta product, and available to US-based advertisers on an invitation-only basis at this time. We look forward to expanding to additional countries and to more merchants in the future.

This new product will be replacing Nearby Stores.

What’s the difference between local availability on PLAs and the Nearby Stores feature?

Both of these features help users discover local stores near them, using the same visual interface in Google Shopping results. The difference was that Nearby Stores showed each store with instructions to call the store to determine price and availability of the product in question, while local availability for PLAs removes this unnecessary step and instead shows more accurate data, including the product’s actual price and availability at the local store. Google works with merchants to get this data at a per-store level.

After the Nearby Stores feature is deprecated, users will no longer see any stores with instructions to call to determine price and availability.

How do I add local availability results to my Product Listing Ads?

This program is currently only available in the United States and to a limited set of beta merchants on an invitation-only basis. We'll provide resources on how to sign up in our Help Center as soon as we open the program to additional merchants and countries.