Create a video meeting across organizational units

To create a video meeting between a Google meeting room hardware device in your organization and a Google meeting room hardware device in a different organization, complete the following steps. This method requires that both organizations use G Suite and Google Calendar.

Organizations are defined by the domain name where the Google meeting room hardware devices are installed. The domain name is the unique name that appears after the @ sign in your company email address and after www. in your website address.

Schedule a meeting between organizations

  1. Verify that the requirements are complete.
  2. Create a Google Calendar event that includes a Google meeting room hardware room and the email address for a user at the external organization.
    1. Add a Google meeting room hardware room.
      1. Tap or click Rooms.
      2. Click the room name to add a meeting room.
    2. Add the external user's email address (this is the G Suite user from the external domain name).  
      1. Tap or click Guests.
      2. Enter the email address.
    3. Complete the other meeting settings, such as the meeting time and name, and tap or click Save.
      For details, see Create a video meeting.
  3. When the user on the external G Suite domain receives the invitation, they must add their own Google meeting room hardware room to the event:
    1. Open the Google Calendar event and tap or click Edit event.
    2. Tap or click Roomsand thenclick the room name to add a Google meeting room hardware room.
    3. Tap or click Save.
      The video meeting event appears on the Google meeting room hardware monitors at both locations at the scheduled time.  
  4. Tap or click the meeting name to join the video meeting.
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