Join a meeting

You can join a video call with Google Meet.

Who can join a video meeting?

Google Workspace users (using Google Meet with a work or school account).

Personal account users (using Google Meet with a personal account).
  • People in your organization who are signed into their Google Workspace account.
  • People outside of your organization who are added to the Google Calendar event and have a Google Account.
  • People outside of your organization who are invited during the meeting by a participant.
  • Anyone with a Google Account can start or join a meeting.
  • Anyone with a Google Account who receives an in call invite from the Meeting organizer.

Who needs to request to join a video meeting?

  • People who aren’t added to the Calendar event.
  • Users not signed into Google accounts will have to be admitted to meetings created by Google Workspace users. 
  • Users not signed into Google accounts will have to sign into their Google account to participate in meetings organized by personal Google account users. 
  • For Google Workspace users: People outside your organization who use Google Workspace for Education. Anyone in the meeting can grant access. Someone from your organization in the video meeting can also grant access.

Tip: A chime sounds as the first 5 people join. After that you'll receive a silent notification for all new participants.

Google Workspace Essentials users

If your organization has Google Workspace Essentials you can join a meeting directly. Anyone outside the organization has to be admitted by the meeting participants.

Google Workspace for Education users

If you have an Education edition account and your school type is Primary/Secondary education (K-12), you will not be allowed to join Google Meet video calls created by personal Google Accounts.

Anonymous users, or users not signed in to a Google Account, will not be able to join meetings organized by Google Workspace for Education users. However, users can still dial in using a phone.

Join a video meeting

Join a video meeting from a Google Calendar event

Find your scheduled meetings in Calendar and quickly join a video meeting.

  1. In the Google Calendar app, open the event.
  2. Tap Join video call.

If your Google Workspace administrator allows it, you can also join from other video conferencing systems. For details, see Set up interoperability.

Join a video meeting from Meet

In Meet, you can join a video meeting using the Meet app, or you can enter a meeting code. You can use the Meet app with any Google account, such as a Google Workspace account or an account.

Tip: A chime sounds as the first 5 people join. After that, new participants are muted.

Join a video meeting from the Meet app

  1. Open the Google Meet app.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom to view your scheduled meetings. Only meetings scheduled through Google Calendar appear on Google Meet.
  3. Tap Join, or select a meeting from the list and tap Join meeting.

Join a video meeting with a meeting code or nickname

Every Meet video meeting has a code that you can use to join the meeting. The meeting code is a series of characters, such as abc-defg-hjk. You can get the meeting code from the joining information that was sent to you or at the end of the meeting link.

For Google Workspace users: A nickname is a meaningful phrase, such as "our-meeting". You can pick any nickname and share it with other people in your organization as a fast way to all join the same meeting.

  1. Open the Meet app and then tap Meeting code.
  2. Enter the meeting code or nickname.

    Tip: The hyphens in the meeting code are optional.

  3. Tap Join meeting.
  4. (Optional) Depending on whether you're joining from a different organization or signed in to a Google Workspace account, choose an option:
    • Select Ask to Join.
    • Enter your name and tap Ask to Join.

Join a video meeting from Gmail

Join a video meeting from Google Hangouts

You can join a Google Meet video meeting from within the Google Hangouts app. Learn how to Join a video call

Join a video meeting with a meeting link URL

 Sometimes there isn’t enough time to schedule a meeting and book a room. With Meet, you can join an impromptu video meeting by clicking the meeting link URL sent to you in a text or email.

  1. Tap the meeting link sent to you via text or email.
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts to join.

Use a phone to dial into a meeting

Important: You can only dial into meetings with a phone if the meeting is organized by a Google Workspace user.

A phone number is added to video meetings only if administrators turn on the dial-in feature.

If your Google Workspace administrator allows, you can dial in for audio-only access to a Meet video meeting up to 15 minutes before the meeting starts until it ends. If someone is already in the meeting and grants access, you can join sooner. You can be in a different organization or have a different Google Workspace edition from the event organizer. If you’re in the organizer's corporate directory, participants can view your name in the meeting. Otherwise, they will find a partial phone number. 

Other participants should always verify that the person who dials in is the correct participant. Anyone who dials in counts toward the maximum meeting limit and regular call charges apply.

Join a meeting using a phone number

Note: If you try to dial in to a meeting created by a Calendar event before the event has started, or before a user has started the meeting, you get an error that the PIN is not recognized.

You can dial in during the scheduled meeting time using one of the following methods:

  • Enter the phone number that’s in the Google Calendar event or meeting invitation.
    Then, enter the PIN and #.
  • From the Meet or Calendar app, tap the phone number.
    The PIN is automatically entered.

All Google Workspace editions include a US phone number. G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, Google Workspace Essentials, Enterprise, and Education Plus editions also support international numbers in Meet video calls. 

If your organization turns on Meet Global Dialing, more international numbers are available. Long distance and usage charges from your phone carrier may apply. 

Mute or unmute your phone

You're muted if another meeting participant mutes you or if you:

  • Press *6.
  • Have your phone's volume at the lowest level.
  • Join after the 5th participant.

Press *6 again or increase the volume to unmute.

Supported countries for dialing in to a meeting

For a complete list of countries, read Supported countries for dialing in.

Join a video meeting from a third-party system

If your organization allows it, you can join a video meeting from a third-party conferencing system.

Tip: To join video meetings from third-party video conferencing systems, your Google Workspace administrator needs to have interoperability turned on.

  1. In the Calendar app, open the event or meeting invite.
  2. Follow the instructions to join from the third party conferencing system.

What you can’t do

If you join from a third-party system, you can’t use Meet to control functions, such as your camera or microphone. Instead, use the third-party controls.

For example, you can’t take the following actions from your third-party system:

  • See or write in-meeting chat.
  • Start or stop Meet recordings.
  • Admit or block other participants.
  • Mute or unmute other participants.
  • Other Meet participants cannot mute your room.

Join a video meeting without a Google Account

If you are not signed into a Google or Gmail account, you cannot join using your mobile device.

Other notes

When you join a meeting, your meeting identifier (email address, or phone number for dial-in) will be shared with the meeting host domain for troubleshooting and audit purposes.

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