How to view people in the meeting

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Google Meet automatically switches the layout in a video meeting to display the most active content and participants. If you join a meeting on a computer, you can switch to a different layout if you want.

Change your view

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  • Auto—Allows Meet to choose the layout for you.
  • Tiled—Shows up to 16 people when there is no presentation.
    • Move your mouse to see participant names. 
    • If someone joins after the meeting starts, their image is at the bottom of the screen. 
    • Presentations appear in a large tile, with the most active participants to the side.
  • Spotlight—The presentation, active speaker, or pinned feed fills the window. 
  • Sidebar—You see the active speaker or presentation with additional participants on the side.

Tip: When you choose a new layout, your preference is automatically saved. To return to the default layout, click Auto.

Change the layout

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  1. Join a video meeting on a computer.
  2. In the lower-right corner of the Meet screen, click More Moreand thenChange layout.
  3. In the Change layout box, select the layout that you want to use on your computer.

Tip: Click a participant's image to pin them to the screen. 

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