Use picture-in-picture with Google Meet

Important: Picture-in-picture is only available with Google Chrome on a computer.

Use picture-in-picture to display a small, movable version of your Google Meet UI that overlays over any content you navigate to. Use picture-in-picture to stay more easily engaged in a meeting while you navigate to a different tab or window. Use picture-in-picture mode to:
  • Gauge your audience’s reaction while you present.
  • View meeting related documents.
  • Take notes.
  • Interact with and use Meet features, such as Hand raise and in-meeting chat.

Start picture-in-picture mode

Use picture-in-picture in a Google Meet meeting

  1. In your meeting, at the bottom, click More options .
  2. Click Open picture-in-picture .
  3. At the bottom right, a small version of your meeting UI displays.
    • To move your picture-in-picture meeting UI, click at the top of the meeting UI and drag it across your screen.
    • To resize your picture-in-picture meeting UI, click and drag an edge.
  4. Navigate to other tabs, windows, or applications. Your picture-in-picture meeting UI moves with you.
  5. To exit picture-in-picture in a meeting, in the top right of the small Meet UI, click Back to tab .
    Tip: When you exit picture-in-picture mode, you're brought back to your meeting tab, but are still in the meeting. To end the meeting, click Hang up .

Tip: Do not maximize the screen of any other windows or applications while using this feature as it will hide the picture-in-picture mode.

Use features with picture-in-picture

When you use picture-in-picture, you can still:
  • Turn your camera and mic on and off.
  • Raise your hand.
  • Send and read in-meeting messages.
  • View your presentation as it appears to others.
    Important: You can’t start a presentation in picture-in-picture. You'll have to start the presentation before switching this feature on. Learn how to present your screen.
  • Turn captions on and off.
  • Exit the call.

To use other Meet features, exit picture-in-picture: In picture-in-picture mode, at the top right of the small meet UI, click Back to tab .

Get Meet notifications in picture-in-picture

When picture-in-picture is active, you still get notifications for:
  • Chat messages
  • Hand raises
  • Join requests

Tip: To get other Meet notifications such as Breakout Room notifications, exit picture-in-picture and go to the full version of your meeting.

Exit picture-in-picture

To exit picture-in-picture in a meeting, at the top right of the small Meet UI, click Back to tab .

Tip: If you click Hang up , the Meet meeting ends for you. 

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