COVID-19 Google Maps updates

If your area is affected by COVID-19, you can use Google Maps to obtain relevant information on impacted places.

Tip: In some regions, you might find additional information related to COVID-19. If you select the alert on the Google Maps home screen, you'll find locally relevant links based on your current map view.

Find restaurants that offer takeout & delivery

Restaurants that offer takeout or delivery options are now featured on Google Maps. When you search for a specific restaurant or cuisine, you can find out what dining options are available: Dine in, takeout, or delivery.

Search for takeout and delivery options

To find restaurants with takeout and delivery options:

  1. On your mobile device, open the Google Maps app Maps.
  2. Narrow your search to restaurants that support takeout or delivery:
    • Under the Search bar, tap Takeout Takeout or Delivery Delivery.
    • In the Search bar, enter "Takeout" or "Delivery".

Your search results will filter to restaurants with takeout or delivery, with available options highlighted in the search results.

Find updates from restaurants

Restaurants can post the latest updates related to COVID-19 directly to their business profile.

When available, these updates will appear just below the restaurant's business info, under "COVID-19 updates from the business."

Temporary changes to Maps contributions

During the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, we are taking steps to protect the health of our team members and prioritize critical services. As a result, there may be some temporary limitations and delays in how you can contribute to Maps. 

Our current focus is on the quality and reliability of information on Google Search and Maps. We want to ensure users and business owners have access to essential features like whether the business is open or has special hours.

Please take note of these temporary product changes:

Place or map edits

After you submit a contribution on Maps, you may get a message that your contribution will be delayed. This temporary change means that your contribution may not appear publicly on Google Maps. However, you will still be able to see all of your contributions on your profile page.
If you are a Local Guide, you will still receive points for your contributions to Google Maps.

Temporary closures

You can now mark your business “Temporarily closed” on Google. Google also relies on authoritative data sources, where available, to mark certain types of places as "Temporarily Closed" on Google Search and Google Maps.

To get updates on the status of a business, you can send a message to a business through the Google Maps app. To use this feature, a business must have messaging turned on.

Tip: If you're a business owner, check out this article for more details.

Where does Google get this information from?

We rely on authorities to tell us when there are closures in their region. We use data from many types of authoritative data sources, which include national, state/provincial and local governments, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and businesses.

What categories of places are covered here?

Any categories of places that authoritative sources say are temporarily closed. For example, schools are a common example of a type of place that may be listed as "Temporarily Closed." Other possible types of places an authoritative data source can mark as "Temporarily Closed" may include museums, gyms, and stores.

How can someone request an update and how quickly will the update be made?

A business owner with a Google My Business account can directly update their "Temporarily Closed" status to reopen and that change will be effective immediately.

What's your plan to remove temporary closure status?

We'll remove temporary closures placed by Google at the end date announced by authoritative sources. Otherwise, temporary closures can be directly removed through Google My Business if your business fully or partially resumes operations. Learn more about how you can reopen your business.

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