Send messages directly to businesses

You can communicate directly with businesses through their listings on Google Maps.

What happens when you send a message to the business:

  • The business may see your name and profile picture as it appears on your About me page.
  • A business could have multiple owners, so you may see responses from different employees along with their name and profile picture. 

Note: The business needs to have messaging turned on for this feature to work and for the message button to appear on their listing.

  1. On your Android device, open Google Maps Google Maps.
  2. Tap Explore Explore Placesand thenselect a category like Restaurants or Bars. To see more categories, like Services or Shopping, tap More 더보기.
    Note: You can also find other businesses to message by using the search bar in Google Maps.
  3. Select a business. If it has messaging turned on, tap Message on their listing. Not all businesses will be able to send and receive messages.
  4. Type your message and tap send Send. Responses from the business will appear in the message thread.
  5. To check your messages in Google Maps, tap Menu Menuand then Messages. A red dot will appear on the icon when you have new messages.
  6. To block messages from a business or report a business, open a message conversation and then tap More Moreand then Block/report spam. You can block the conversation or block the conversation and report it as spam.
  7. To delete a conversation from your device, open a message conversation and then tap More Moreand then Delete

Note: Deleting a conversation only deletes your copy of the conversation from your device. The business may continue to see the conversation on their device and respond to you.

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