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Map Maker badges

Google Map Maker badges reward you for completing certain achievements. Badges will appear for all to see on your Map Maker Profile, as well as when you hover over a mapper’s username.


Badge options

There are many badges you can earn. There are even some that have stars you can get for each milestone achieved within a category. Learn what you need to do to earn each badge or badge level:

Name Image How to earn
Edit Badge

Make approved edits on Google Maps and achieve a different numbered badge at 24 individual milestones.

Review Badge

Review map changes on Google Map Maker and earn different badges the more you review.

MapUp Organizer Badge Organize and host a MapUp event.
MapUp Attendee Badge
Map Makerpedia Contributor Badge Contribute to the Map Makerpedia project.
Featured Mapper Badge Get featured on one of Google Map Maker's social media channels, like the Google Lat Long Blog or Google Maps+ Page.
Advocate Badge Become a member of the Map Maker Advocates team. Advocates are selected for being experts in the Map Maker product, having a high number of Map Maker edits and reviews, and being leaders in the community, often by hosting MapUp events.
Regional Lead Badge Become a Regional lead of your part of the world.


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